The Contract

Wingnut Retrievers is responsible for the following:

1) Training your dog to a specific level outlined by the booklet for your chosen program;  The "Force Fetch program" at the cost of $1,000.00, or the "Complete Handling Retriever" program at the cost of $2,500.00.

2) Expenditures for tools and traveling to ensure the completion of the program's training.

3) Feeding and seeing to your dog's needs.

4) Informing the owner of any problems or concerns with regard to the dog's health and needs.

5) Providing safe and secure facilities.

6) Providing periodical updates and feedback with regards to training and the well-being of your dog. 

7) Refund fees, if necessary, according to the fair compensation agreement (see below) in the event Wingnut Retrievers cannot train your dog to the agreed-upon level and/or washes the dog from the program.

The owner is responsible for the following:

1) Paying training fees upfront according to the program chosen.

2) Providing proof, at anytime, that all the dog's disease preventions are up to date and documented, including the state-mandated "Rabies" shot.

3) All expenditures for the dog's food. If not specified differently, dogs will be fed Nutrena's Professional All-Age dog food 30/20 mix. 

4) The expenditures for, if required, veterinarian visits and any special needs outlined by a veterinarian's directives.

5) Any other expenditures required to maintain the health and well-being of the dog (vitamins, medications, etc.)


Upon entering a contract the following info will be needed before you deliver your dog.

  • Paperwork showing compliance with all shots, including the "Rabies" shot.

  • Which program you want and the appropriate training fees upfront.

  • Dog's name.

  • AKC registration number.

  • Chip #.

  • Owner's name, contact information, and signature agreeing to the above criteria.

  • Declaration of dogs "Socializing" training.


What if our program doesn't perform as described? Fair compensation agreement.

     Not every dog can perform as a "handling dog".  We are proud of our completion rate and we want to ensure our customers that they are getting a fair rate/deal.

     If for any reason we decide that we cannot train your dog to the final drill and choose to wash the dog from the program, the training rate willl be discounted to $550 a month. The final bill will be prorated from the date of delivery to the day that we make the decision to discontinue our efforts. The remaining fees will be refunded or honored on a different dog.

     We believe this arrangement is an incentive for you to give us a try. If the dog doesn't complete the program you get training at a very discounted rate. This incentivizes us to make every training day count. 

     This contract guarantees that: Wingnut Retrievers is going to do its best each day to advance your dog's abilities in a very focused direction. Most importantly, it guarantees both parties an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.