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Specialized training for Retrievers 

  • WingNut Retrievers


     Wingnut Retrievers is a great way to get the best out of your dog in a short amount of time. We aspire to be one of the best training programs for young retrievers. Providing solid training that makes a difference is important to us. Training includes: On and Off Leash Obedience, Collar Conditioning, Force Fetch, Whistle Control, Hand Casting, Pile Work, Blind Retrieves and more. 
     Consider one of our two programs to help you get the most out of your young retriever. 

Mission Statemet

Training Programs

A unique, time-proven approach to customer satisfaction. We refrain from dragging on with month to month services. We charge one reasonable rate for each program.

    Our goal is to provide essential training for hunting, hunt test and field trial retrievers. We have two programs, and each program provides training to a specific standard.

     The "Force Fetch" program starts with obedience work, collar conditioning, and leash control. We then train force fetch, off-collar obedience, whistle control, and simple casting, and then we conclude by training and then testing your dog on pile work.

     The "Complete Handling Retriever" program takes your dog through the "Force Fetch" program and further enforces whistle control, teaches advanced pile work, advanced casting, and advanced lining, and then puts it all together giving you the ability to run cold blinds and pick up dead birds where the dog did not see the "fall".  The "Complete Handling" program is finished when your dog will run an advanced test that incorporates multiple land marks and land blinds. We further teach you how to run your dog and explain where to go next with your training.

     We charge one straightforward price for each program.  You commit to giving us a chance, and we commit to getting the job done.  

     Each program is outlined in a booklet. Each booklet contains: first, the contract which clearly outlines the training, and describes the finished product. Second, each booklet is a handler's guide. It explains in detail how to enjoy the training your dog has had, and how to build a working relationship with your dog.

     Give us a chance to help you find the dog you want inside the dog you have.                                          

Rod's Fishing 126.jpeg

I am a retired Alaskan Fisherman. Over the course of many years and lots of dogs, my hobby has turned into something I enjoy as much as hunting; helping hunters and enthusiasts enjoy a quality Retriever.

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