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Wingnut Retrievers is a great way to get the best out of your dog in the shortest amount of time. We aspire to be one of the best training programs for young retrievers. Providing solid training that makes a difference is important to us. We train the most vital skills young Retrievers need.  Training includes: On and Off Leash Obedience, Collar Conditioning, Force Fetch, Whistle Control, Hand Casting, Pile Work, Blind Retrieves and more. We have twenty years of experience applying techniques that are used by Hall of Fame Trainers. Our young dog programs can help you get a start with your dog to compete at Field Trials, pass Hunt Tests, and make the best out of every day in the field. Titled dogs, and serious hunting dogs, require well-grounded training that teaches the basic building blocks for advanced training. Consider one of our two programs to help you get the most out of your young dog. Thanks for your consideration!

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Our motto “Buy Right and Train” is meant to encourage people who are hoping for an exceptional dog to buy puppies with parents that are accomplished field dogs, genetically sound, have temperaments for advanced training, and then rear them in a way that brings out their natural talents. And of course, train to the level that makes you proud. 






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A unique, time-proven approach to customer satisfaction

We have been satisfying customers for years with our Programs. Our programs are intended and designed to teach retrievers to Handle, do Blind Retrieves, or in more simple terms we train Retrievers to get the birds that you have harvested by using hand signals and whistles. Training that will help you get your birds in style. We are VERY competitively priced. You will have a hard time beating our prices. Both of our training programs are on contractual basis. We charge one straightforward price for each program. We are not month to month. You commit to giving me the time I commit to get the training done. Your dog will be trained to a very well defined level. If training doesn't go smoothly I don’t come back and ask for additional training fees. If I need more time, it’s on me, but you commit to the additional time if required. Why a contract instead of month to month? Advanced Dog Training takes a commitment of the trainer's time and attention. If the trainer does not put in the time or give the needed attention to details, your dog does not progress as quickly as your dog can. This results in trainers asking for additional time and fees. Contractual training fees ensure that the trainer is “in it” to get the training done. This approach allows me the time to make a difference. Each program is outlined in its own unique booklet. Each booklet is first, a contract. It outlines the training and clearly describes the finished product. Second, it’s a handler's guide. The booklet explains in detail how to enjoy the training your dog has had, and how to keep you and your dog's team-work skills sharp. Let us help you discover the dog you want inside the dog you have.  

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I am a retired Alaskan Fisherman. Thirty years ago, I went to Nebraska in November and witnessed the fall flight of geese piling up in the North Platt River. From that hunt forward I dreamed all year long about hunting geese. I bought decoys, calls and a Lab.  Dog Trainers were hard to come by, and money was tight, so I trained my own dog. Training dogs to handle became an obsession. I sought out training techniques from the best trainers who were willing to share. I soon realized that to be good at training I needed lots of experience. I bought pups, trained them and either gave them away or sold them.  After a while people started asking me to train their dogs. Over the course of 20 years and lots of dogs, my hobby has turned into something I enjoy as much as hunting; helping hunters and enthusiasts have the quality of Retriever they dream about when they purchase their pup.


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