A good argument is that some dogs do not have the right temperament for advanced training. We feel that any training adds value to a dog. We hope that the added value a dog receives from training will increase the likelihood that the dog will always have a good home. Because we notice how some dogs struggle more than others with advanced training, we came up with our slogan “Buy Right and Train”. Our slogan is meant to encourage people to buy a puppy with parents that are accomplished field dogs, genetically sound, and have temperaments for advanced training. However, not only is temperament a by-product of breeding, it’s also a by-product of rearing. We encourage owners to raise their pup in a way that will help them excel.

Below are Kennels that do business with integrity. I believe they consistently have litters from which you can get a pup with potential. I also post adds from litters that I believe are worth your consideration.



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Buy Right and Train!

I don't receive anything from promoting pups. But, it would be exciting to train any one of them.